The Consortium
Thanks to the pioneering activity in mobile robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology both in Lausanne and Zurich, Switzerland has created a high potential knowledge ready for industrial applications. To exploit this potential, on September 2004, four complementary Swiss companies have launched a consortium aimed to strengthen their market positioning by joining a common structure: the Swiss Mobile Robotics Consortium.
Today, the members of the consortium are leaders in their core businesses and they build up a winning complementary team bringing robotics innovation into the market.

The vision of the Swiss Mobile Robotics Consortium is to
    Provide a single partner offering a wide pallet of complementary robotics solutions to the industry.

  1. Enhance the visibility of the members on a national and international level.
  2. Appear as a Swiss industrial group offering a wide range of robotics competences to the industry.
  3. Actively promote the products and services of the consortium through a commercial representative.
  4. Build strategic relationships to be strongly involved in the standardization of robotics (ISO, IEEE; political; academic).
  5. Support the development of a mobile robotics industry supply chain.
Swiss Mobile Robotics Consortium
Innovation Park
CH-1015 Lausanne